Executive Communications Consulting


To lead, you must communicate. The ability to effectively inspire the people around you and motivate them to take action is based on your ability to communicate with clarity, power and precision. When you work with executive communication coach Simon Heath you can be sure that when you speak, you are heard. Truly great communicators speak with presence, a trait that is easy to recognize, but difficult to define.

By drawing on his twenty year career in theatre and fifteen years as an executive coach, Simon will help you will develop your personal presence, whether you are delivering an executive presentation, or simply making a comment in a meeting. By refining your ability to be fully present in the moment, you will learn how to have an impact every time you speak. This requires an ability to be confident in your thinking while fully and wholly connecting with your audience. Simon provides individualized coaching that will allow you to inspire your audiences by:

  • Structuring your thinking more effectively
  • Using PowerPoint effectively
  • Building audience-focused communications
  • Using language with energy and life
  • Becoming grounded and confident through proper breathing
  • Using your natural voice to communicate with authenticity and authority
  • Bringing your ideas to life through eye contact and facial expression
  • Physically embodying leadership through physical stance and gestures


Simon Heath provides individuals and groups coaching to improve their leadership skills through the use of effective communications. He works with both content and personal presence skills to make his clients more effective leaders. This training is provided in one-on-one coaching programs, group training sessions, keynote talks and event rehearsals.

"You’re a class act – and by far the BEST coach I’ve ever worked with."

Dalton Philips

Former CEO Morrisons UK, Former COO Loblaw LCL