While Simon spends much of his time consulting and teaching, he has been able to maintain a very active career in the arts. Initially trained as an actor, Simon graduated with his BA in theatre from York University and his Masters from the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama. He has spent the past twenty years working in a variety of capacities in the arts.  He is a potter, whose work can often be found for sale in shops in Creemore, Ontario.


Over the years, he has directed several plays, including Alien Creature: a Visitation from Gwendolyn MacEwen   by Linda Griffiths, The Rochdale Project, a collective creation produced at Theatre Passe Muraille, and Chronic by Linda Griffiths. His own script, 1002 Nights was produced at the Cameron House in 2002 and is available for download on this site. Please contact the author for production rights. Other projects have included the premiere of his script Doppelganger in New York, as well as various workshop productions of Canada, 1986 and The Wind: Imagining Stompin’ Tom.


Simon's novel, Doppelganger is available for purchase in both ebook and print versions.  The print version can be purchased at for $18 plus shipping and handling.  The electronic version, viewable on your home computer, Kindle, iPad, Kobo or Sony Reader is available for $3.99 USD at  The facebook page is He is currrently preparing a trilogy of novels about a worldwide power outage called When Everything Falls Apart for release in the fall of 2017.  The first chapter of each book is available for download below.


In the past decade, Simon has moved more towards the administration side of the arts world.  He has previously sat on the Board of Directors of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Theatre Passe Muraille and Theatre Columbus in Toronto, briefly serving as Acting Artistic Director at Theatre Passe Muraille.  He is currently involved in producing the Dunedin Literary Festival, which can be found at