Event Rehearsals

Event Rehearsals

Often large presentations or events hinge on the effectiveness of the presenters. From client presentations to offsites and townhalls, Simon can be brought in to rehearse individuals or large teams to increase the impact of the event.

"I had the opportunity to work with Simon a number of times in my role as Senior VP, Business Development and Outsourcing Sales for IBM Canada. My performance and my team's success with our Clients depended on effective communications, especially effective sales presentations, and Simon was invaluable in building our skills."

"We used Simon's help on a number of specific occasions when we had critical presentations. I remember a large deal where we had a complex set of executive presentations to do. The Client wanted to hear from the technical experts and not the sales team. These folks knew their stuff but weren't great communicators. They also weren't confident in their ability to present and would have preferred to have root canals instead of speaking assignments. Simon worked with each person individually and coached them on an effective message and approach. Our day with the Client was a success!"

Greg Gulyas

Former SVP, Business Development and Outsourcing for IBM Canada