Am I the only one who finds the term ‘personal brand’ slightly distasteful? How to use communication to build your reputation with integrity

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I am occasionally asked to speak to groups about personal branding.  I understand why, as I teach executive presence, leadership and communications.  But I’m not overly comfortable with the term.  It feels less than genuine, smacks of crass self-promotion.  It feels fake and Machiavellian.  Typical advice for building your personal brand would include: make yourself […]

Sorry I was on mute, could you repeat the question? How to bring more life to your conference calls

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We’ve all been on a conference call and heard someone apologize for being on mute and ask to have the question repeated.  This baffles me.  There is nothing associated with being on mute that impedes an individual’s ability to hear a question.  So, what are they really saying?  That they weren’t listening.  Why?  Because the […]

Optimizing language utilization to increase engagement, strategic alignment and drive results. Is language smothering the life out of your organization?

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One of the greatest obstacles to effective communications is boredom. We have a stunning capacity to render perfectly interesting ideas excruciatingly boring through our choice of words.  Language carries an extraordinary amount of power.  The life of your ideas is embodied in the words you choose. Quite often, the language we use will be the […]

I must apologize for the length of this article, but I didn’t have time to be brief, or: How to be more succinct.

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The title of this piece is a slight alteration of a famous Blaise Pascal quote, but the sentiment remains the same.  Clarity is the basis of brevity and clarity requires the time to properly formulate your thoughts.  Alongside developing executive presence, becoming more succinct is one of my clients’ top objectives.  Typically, the client is […]

It’s going to be hard to execute on the strategy if no one can remember it. A guide to effectively communicating strategy

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I have spent the past 23 years as an executive communications consultant.  I have a fairly niche market wherein I provide coaching and training to help people communicate more effectively.  I help my clients articulate their points with clarity and I use my background in theatre to help them speak with presence.  The by-product of […]