Simon Heath

What’s with all the birds?!  Well, first, I really wanted to avoid the endless photos of smiling people in suits, sitting around boardroom tables.  Second, I’m a lifelong birder.  And third, is there a better image for communication than a bird in song?

My Approach

I have been an executive communications coach since 1996.  I have worked with clients across North America in virtually every industry and every part of the business.  I have provided private coaching, group seminars and keynote speeches to thousands of senior executives, managers, government officials and professionals. My work as a communications coach focuses on helping clients clearly articulate their thoughts and develop the tools to inspire others to follow it. By focusing on clarity and precision of thought coupled with the physical ability to embody the message, I help clients to step into their leadership roles, drawing extensively on my career in theatre in this work. I spent twenty years in the theatre working as an award-winning director, playwright and actor, and I have sat on the Board of Directors of numerous non-profit organizations. Trained as an actor I received a B.A. from York University and Masters from the University of Toronto.