One-on-one coaching program

This program consists of ten hours of online coaching that apply a structured communications approach to real-life situations. The goal is to increase comfort level and effectiveness in all communication situations, including presentations, 1:1 conversations, speaking on the fly, e-mails and answering questions. Each program is customized to meet the individual needs of the client.  These sessions will be held every two weeks and will include audio and videotaped coaching.  These sessions will be adapted as needed to address upcoming opportunities. Contact me to learn more.

Communications that Connect

Typically a program for 5-8 participants, this 6-week online program offers a blend of instruction and 1:1 coaching. Participants will learn to effectively structure their thinking in all situations, from e-mails to presentations and improve their personal presence when speaking in all situations. Topics covered include:

  • Structuring your thinking more effectively
  • Using PowerPoint effectively
  • Building audience-focused communications
  • Using language with energy and life
  • Becoming grounded and confident through proper breathing
  • Using your natural voice to communicate with authenticity and authority
  • Bringing your ideas to life through eye contact and facial expression
  • Physically embodying leadership through physical stance and gestures
  • Answering questions and dealing with pushback

A sample agenda is available on request. 

Keynotes and large group workshops

I am available to speak to groups of any size. My style is humourous and engaging, providing many stories and examples from the organization or industry to illustrate my points. I make my talks very down to earth and extremely practical, so that the audience walks away with both the inspiration and the tools to improve their communication styles.  Large group sessions can be anywhere from an hour to three and a half hours.  The talk will be customized to address the needs of the group. Contact me to book a workshop.

Custom Engagements

Custom engagements are varied and can include event rehearsals, document review, feedback on live or webcast events or plain language editing.  I often help senior executives prepare for the Q&A portion of Earnings Calls and Investor Days.  I can provide coaching and feedback on both content and delivery for large sales presentations or offsites.  I can help build and roll out the communication plan for strategy.   I can help prepare for community consultations.  Contact me to discuss your specific need.